Virtual Branding Directory

Our VB digital business directory solution promotes company’s brands, services and or business cards via our communication marketing platform.

This is a one stop collaboration interactive marketing platform technology solution. All subscribers will have access to our communication platform at no additional cost; chat in real time, Share Image/Photos, Share Videos, Post Testimonials, Market Products, Create Podcasts & webinars from a private virtual conference platform.

We provide a virtual communication platform for business owners and organizations of all types.

The Subscribers just log on to the directory and complete their setup process. (Optional Monetization)

Businesses and supporters can register to be part of the directory, create their profile, add products, goods and or services they wish to offer. The Users can share links of businesses on social media, blog, personal journals, email lists, online forums, comment sections, online groups, etc. The virtual branding solutions are beautifully designed and can include video or image interactive media.

Directory Platform

Features include image/video feed, QR code, social networking, follow my card, save my card, social links and IDs, search tool, and landing page. 

Subscribers Benefits Communication and Collaboration Platform


VPN Audio Conference

Enable you to conference with only audio with optional screen share features like a group voice call


VPN Video Conference

Enables you to conference with others with audio and video with optional screen sharing features.


VPN Webinar

Enables you to stream yourself live with video and audio with optional screen sharing feature


VPN Live Classes

Enables you to stream live with audio and video , where you can see and hear anyone , but they can see and hear only you , not each other.


VPN Podcast

Enables you to stream your audio live with others who invited. They can only hear our voice over audio stream. 


Plus More